Stop Running From the Box

Let’s take what’s inside and create something beautiful

Launching July 15th

We can’t do it without you








Join us for our launch party and fundraiser

When: Saturday July 15th

Time: 7pm

NXT Industries: Lab

1302 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Portland, OR 97214

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We are raising funds in order to start construction of our studio, as well as getting some furniture pieces into production. We have set an attainable goal and now we need your help to achieve it.

 On July 15, blackBOX takes flight. Our launch is at NXT: the Lab, and we’re inviting all the change-makers and beautiful people we know who can contribute (that means you). We’ll have art giveaways, raffles, auctions and goods from local businesses.

NXT: the Lab

We’re still asking, why does the caged bird sing?

There’s a lot of bullshit happening right now. We don’t have to list it – if you have half a nose, you can smell it. For a lot of us, we’re done just smelling it, and we have no desire to live in it. But we are gonna use it.

That’s what blackBOX studios is all about: we take the world’s trash and turn it into something bigger. Something beautiful. We use the past as fuel. It illuminates us, lights us from within, and we use it to keep the world warm, not burn it down.

Our culture's got it all backwards

If you were a creative kid growing up, then you probably heard the same thing all the time, to “think outside the box”. I get what the saying is, and I think it’s really valuable to tell children, but as adults I think it’s overlooking one thing: dealing with what’s in the Box.

By going external, we neglect our most powerful resource, and that which is already there: our experience.  

The Box holds everything, all that’s ugly and all that’s beautiful. Like it or not, it’s the core of who we are. Most of us though focus on the beautiful while running away from the ugly, pretending it doesn’t exist. Well it’s there, and it ain’t moving.

And that’s why I say, It’s time to stop running from the Box.

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